Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review – What Is It About?

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This is our Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review.  If you want to go directly to the  Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 site, then you should click the link below:

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Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review take a look at the most recent  product from Brian Moran.  Brian is the guy behind Get 10,000 Fans. He basically started out trying to market his own baseball training

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Can Help You Make Money On Facebook

business. Through trial and error he figured out how to quickly get 10,000 fans on Facebook.  Since then he has been helping thousands of people learn how to promote their own business on Facebook.

I first got in touch with Brian in the early part of the year and asked him about his plans for this coming year.  He asked me to hand in there with him and stay tuned  because he was working on some exciting new products for marketing on Facebook.  Needless to day since this was coming from the Facebook expert I was interested and patient enough to wait.

So our Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review takes a look at Brian’s newest product: Facebook Ads Academy 2.0    At Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review we believe he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to advertising on Facebook because his focus is on building fans and making sales, not just getting Likes.Not to mention he already did this with something like baseball training!

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review – Here’s The Goods

As expected Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review discovered tons of content in Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 including:

  • Facebook Advertising And How It Works: This section helps you understand what is really going on with Facebook so you can really start to leverage the power it has.
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Start Ups:  This includes the 30 second ad campaign creation concept which gets you advertising on Facebook almost instantly.
  • Customized Facebook Ad Campaigns: Learn to use Facebook targeting to maximize your ROI. Take out the guess work
  • Hidden Facebook Ad Campaign Types: What your competition doesn’t know can definitely help you.
  • Facebook Ads Best Practices: Learn what really works best in Facebook advertising.  The images, headline etc that all get you paying fans
  • Best and Worst Facebook Ads: First hand real examples of ads that have had great success and others that failed.  This is from real experience, not hypothetical theory.
  • Facebook Ads Acadmey 2.0 Lifetime Membership: – Become a part of the growing Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 community. Learn with and from others.

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review – Our Favorite Part

At Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review we really like the examples of Facebook ads with great results vs. Facebook ads with poor results.  To us it is like getting good directions from someone who tells you that if you get to a certain place you’ve gone too far and have to turn around.  Its is kind of like GPS for Facebook ads. You will never make a wrong turn.

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review was very surprised by the examples of images and headlines that work well on Facebook.  It wasn’t what we expected or what we have experienced in other media.

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review – Our Not So Favorite Part

Overall we at Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review did not find a lot of gripes with the Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 program, which is a little unusual for us.   However, of course we did have one topic that gave us some challeneges.  That was their methods for targeting.  We thought we were doing pretty well in this area and knew our way around Facebook’s targeting choices. But we tried to go with the program and yes we learned some new things that we were reluctant to try.  However, we did get good results with the new approach so we at Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review had to swallow our pride a little. It is still always good to learn new tricks.

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review – General Summary

To get to the point, Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Review believes a few things:

#1- You should be marketing on Facebook.

#2- You should give yourself the best chance to be successful marketing on Facebook.

#3- Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 is the best course we’ve seen so far on Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 can easily go on the shelf as your ultimate source for advertising on Facebook.  It is going to help newbies and experienced marketing veterans alike.  Even people who think they know what they are doing on Facebook can learn from this.

Take An In-Depth Look At The Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Product Here

Here are some pre-launch videos to learn more Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 and what you will learn.

 Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Pre-Launch Video 1

Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 Pre-Launch Video 2

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