Get 10000 Fans- Can You Really Get 10000 Fans?

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There are quite a few of us who have taken a stab at marketing on Facebook with varying degrees of success.  For many it just didn’t work out. Even major companies like GM pulled significant

budgets away from Facebook.

Get 10000 Fans Review

You Can Get 10000 Fans With Easy Status Updates!

But when Facebook hit over a billion users it made everyone who had not been successful take a second look.  That is an absolutely huge audience and there must be a way to tap into that.

I was looking for a great resource and went through quite a few so-so courses on Facebook.  The search to find a real Facebook marketing resource and the desire to tap into its billion users is what led me to Get 10000 Fans.

Get 10000 Fans Review- What Is It?

Get 10000 Fans is a very thorough resource for learning how you can be making money in Facebook.  The guy behind this is Brian Moran and he has worked this out himself through real trial and error. This is not just a theory about what could work.  It is the actual techniques that he tried and found to be successful.

In his course you will learn about his own background and desire to sell baseball training.  He used Facebook to turn that idea into a very successful business. After 8 months of struggling to get one real fan who wasn’t a friend or relative he figured out how to make the power of Facebook really work for him.  Using these techniques he quickly built a following of 10,000 fans for his baseball training fan page.  Thus the name of this training was born.

Get 10000 Fans lays out a variety of strategies and techniques for making money in Facebook including things like:

  • Piggyback
  • Boomerang
  • Facebook Traffic System
  • Building Lists
  • How To Cultivate Buyers

These are real strategies based on sound marketing principles.  This is not a course about hacking Facebook and trying to beat the system.  It is a course about leveraging Facebook and giving Facebook users even more of what they already want.

Get 10000 Fans Review- What I Liked

What I like most about Get 10000 Fans is that it isn’t just about getting fans.  There are a lot of Facebook courses on that but they don’t help you with how to market or sell to these fans.  Brian makes the point that “Fans are not everything.” You need to build a business on sales so that is what this course is about.

I also like that Brian practices what he preaches.  As of this writing he’s got over 300,000 fans on his Get 10,000 Fans Facebook Fan page.

My single favorite technique is the Piggyback. It is incredibly simple and powerful and built my likes almost instantly.  The strategies and techniques in Get 10,000 Fans are free and they don’t take a lot of time to set up.

 Get 10000 Fans Review- What I Didn’t Like

The biggest thing I joke about is that I don’t like the name Get 10000 Fans because this is about so much more than that.  But I understand that the name comes out of the true story of how these techniques were developed.  There are a lot of strategies and techniques to choose from and for a person like me who sometimes has a difficult time focusing on one thing that can be distracting.  Although I believe most people will find what works best for them and stick with it.

Get 10000 Fans Review- Overall Thoughts

If you tried Facebook and you couldn’t get it to work before or you have never tried Facebook because you heard stories that it doesn’t work then you really should try Get 10000 Fans.  I was amazed at the simplicity and yet the power of the ideas.  This works for me and everyday I look for new opportunities to Piggyback.

Yes, you really can Get 10000 Fans. I’m not there yet but 4,217 is a good start.

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