Make Money on Facebook: Can Local Businesses Make Money on Facebook?

You can make money on Facebook without investing all your time and available funds. It’s not easy to break through with a new product or service. The internet has introduced a rare situation that lets almost anyone with something worthwhile to sell reach out to a huge audience of potential customers from all over the globe and make money on Facebook. That being said, not everyone offers a product or service that is intended for a worldwide audience. If your company operates locally, then there are a few things you should know before placing your Facebook ad if you want to make money on Facebook.

Make Money On Facebook

Can A Local Business Make Money On Facebook?

Make Money on Facebook with a Locally Focused Ad

If you have never tried to make money on Facebook, then you may not be aware that the website allows users to choose a location filter for their ad campaigns. During the first steps in the campaign setup process, the user is given a series of options for refining their desired audience. The first choice includes a location setting. Users can select country, state/province, city or a zip code to determine how small or large they want their geographic area to be. This is an excellent feature for anyone with a local business that may not want to waste clicks or impressions on users outside of their service area.

Make Money on Facebook by Reaching Out to Existing Customers

Companies who already have a growing customer base will find it even easier to make money on Facebook. Many consumers utilize social networking these days. Build a Facebook page and get it in front of your offline customers. That means adding the URL or an “add us on Facebook” note to stationary and business cards and posting it in print ads.

You can also find free, easy ways to showcase your new social networking page by writing it on dry erase boards near the entrance or posting it in high traffic areas within your facility. Even if they don’t visit right away, frequent customers will remember the URL and may stop by and add you. That means you have the potential to be seen by all of their Facebook contacts. The process can take time but it can generate great results and help you make money on Facebook.

Make Money on Facebook by Offering Special Promotions for Followers

If you really want to see a good response, try offering special deals and promotions to your Facebook followers. Give them a small discount or special thank you gift as a token of your appreciation for their patronage, both online and offline. This is also a great way to encourage customers to tell others about what you have to offer. Don’t forget to mention the fact that specials will appear on your Facebook page when promoting the URL in the offline world. Most people will be quicker to respond if they know they may get something out of being a follower.

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