Affilorama Review – What Is It About?

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Every day more and more people are trying to figure out a way to make money online.  They know that a lot of people are making a good living online with similar skill sets as their own. However, they don’t have the know how to make a real living online.

A host of online marketing courses and products have been developed in the hopes of attracting this growing audience.  Unfortunately, many of these products lure people in with rags to riches stories and the promise of push button technology.  However, there are a few legitimate resources for someone trying to make a breakthrough into online marketing.  Affilorama Review has seen that Mark Ling’s Affilorama is one of the bigger resources for online marketers wanting to learn the business. This review is an in-depth review of the program.

Affilorama Review – What It’s About

Affilorama Review found a complete resource portal for affiliate marketing.  It includes hundreds of hours of instructional material with written documented support. Affilorama Review also saw access to a variety of affiliate marketing software tools that every affiliate marketer uses. Finally, Affilorama has one of the more robust online marketing communities that Affilorama Review has seen. It is frequented by experts and newbies alike.

Affilorama Review found that Affilorama is comprised of two major components: AffiloBluePrint and AffiloJetPack.

Affilorama Review discovered that AffiloBluePrint is the training portion of the program.  AffiloBluePrint offers in depth education and instructional materials that comprehensively address all areas of affiliate marketing.  The materials also teach you how to use Affilorama software to help make the whole process easier.  The initial training is designed to take you from $0 to over $500 a week by building your own website with Affilorama tools.

This review examined the Affilorama community which also adds to the overall experience with hosts of people online who have gone through what you are about to go through.  The community helps answer questions and problems you might run into. There are over 150,000 contributors that can help you with product reviews and anything else you might face in your affiliate marketing efforts.

The review also covers AffiloJetPack whic is a custom designed website creation tool.  It helps you get a website up and running with very little effort or time and it is optimized to get the results you want.

In addition, AffiloJetPack includes a hosting package so you can keep everything in one place and get your sites up even faster.  You won’t have to worry about things like NameServers etc because it is all done for you within the Affilorama environment.

Affilorama Review – What We Like

The review loves FREE STUFF! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Affilorama offers a lot of very high quality, affiliate marketing training. We have seen others selling (for a lot of money) what Affilorama gives away for free for newbies to affiliate marketing.  Anyone can sign up and get a very good feel for affiliate marketing and if it is a good fit for them without spending a lot of money.  A lot of programs offer “free” stuff but its really just a tease to get you into their product.  Affilorama offers quality instruction that you can actually use to make money today. A lot of people have started their affiliate marketing careers this way.

Affilorama Review made a special note that you can join Affilorama for free to get started. Then you can actually get a premium membership for $1 for a month to see if you like what’s inside the premium member’s area.  This review is pretty sure you will.

Affilorama Review – What We Didn’t Like

In general, Affilorama Review is not huge fans of ongoing membership sites. That has been because most membership sites don’t deliver the goods and you forget to cancel your membership so in the end you pay for a few months that you didn’t really use anything.

Having said that Affilorama makes it easy to try premium membership with the $1 for the first month offer.  They also honor their cancellation notices.  So if for some odd reason you decide this doesn’t work for you it is not a hassle to stop the billings. This is a highly rated legitimate business.

Affilorama Review – Overall Thoughts

Affilorama Free Bonus

Affilorama- It Is Free To Join

There are other programs that say they are “all inclusive” but they usually fall short in some key area. For example, they may not offer web hosting, they may not have a good website creation tool, they may not have keyword research tools etc.  Affilorama does have everything anyone can possibly need to be a successful affiliate marketer.  You can cobble together what Affilorama offers by buying or subscribing to a host of other services.  At the end of the day it will cost you more and won’t be nearly as seamless or convenient to use.  This is a source for every affiliate marketer.

With Affilorama you can unsubscribe to a lot of lists but know you will still hear about anything really important to affiliate marketing through their online community.  So we strongly recommend Affilorama to anyone new to affiliate marketing and even for experienced affiliate marketers who are looking to streamline your operations and save some money for all the different tools you are currently using. Affilorama has proven that there is a better way. If you are an affiliate marketer then you owe it to yourself to check out this program.


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