This is an Info Cash Review Update.

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Info Cash Review –Background

Info Cash is a new product from Chris Carpenter.  Chris was famous for Google Cash almost 10 years ago.  Some people have thought that Info Cash was just a rehash of Google Cash. However, Info Cash has nothing to do with Google Cash with the possible exception that it involves direct linking again.

Info Cash Review Relationship To Google Cash

Info Cash Direct Link

Info Cash Promotes Direct Linking

The main thing about Chris’s Google Cash was that he showed everyone a variety of ways to use Google Adwords and direct link to affiliate offers.  Of course today that would be impossible due to all the changes with Google.  So don’t even think about trying that or your adwords account will be frozen by Google.

Info Cash Review- What Is New about Info Cash?

So Info Cash Review found what is new about Info Cash is actually similar to Google Cash. Due to the new relationship between Microsoft and Facebook Chris has once again uncovered a way to develop a lot of traffic and direct link to affiliate products.

What this means is that once again you do not need to have a website, blog or any ongoing online presence.  All you need is the know how you can get from Info Cash and your affiliate link.

Info Cash Review Launch Update

Info Cash Review has learned that only 3 days after launch Info Cash has grown to #5 in the ClickBank marketplace.  Chris attributes this to a great introductory video and outstanding service.  His staff has been busy answering questions and getting people started with their own direct linking campaigns.

Info Cash Review Summary

Info Cash is a great way for anyone to get started with affiliate marketing. If you are already experienced then you need to add these Info Cash techniques into your bag of tricks.  It will allow you to easily test affiliate offers to see if they convert before you put a lot of effort into marketing the product.

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