Six Figure Shortcut Review – What Is It About?

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This is our Six Figure Shortcut Review.  If you’re looking for the official Six Figure Shortcut site, click the link below:

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The saying goes that “there is more than one way to skin a cat”.  I don’t know where this comes from but the general idea is true when it comes to affiliate marketing.  There are many different ways for you to become a successful affiliate marketer.  However, if you really want to get into six figure income territory the list of options gets smaller.  Six Figure Shortcut Review has been granted behind the scenes advanced access to take an in-depth look at Six Figure Shortcut.

Six Figure Shortcut Review – What It’s About

Six Figure Shortcut Review found a very nice and clean interface. Everything is very clean in appearance and design.  Take a look at the members area photo.

Six Figure Shortcut Review-Members Area

Six Figure Shortcut Review Likes The Clean Look Of The Members Area

The first thing Six Figure Shortcut Review noticed is that the program is divided into three major modules and two bonus modules so far.  There is also a private community and a great support section. What Six Figure Shortcut Review could not see from this initial impression was the depth of content.  Each module consists of a series of in-depth videos where you watch exactly what to do to develop your own six figure income.

Module 1 consists of 7 videos ranging from 20 minutes to over 30 minutes.  Module 2 has 6 nearly hour long videos. Finally, Module 3 is comprised of 7 videos ranging from 10 minutes to over 40 minutes. In total, Six Figure Shortcut Review looked at over 20 videos with hours and hours of content.

Six Figure Shortcut Review – Module 1

Six Figure Shortcut Review saw that Module 1 is all about laying down the foundation and covering the basics.  This is where you set up for everything you will need to do later. It covers everything from picking a domain name to web hosting to setting up your website and squeeze pages etc.  The videos are presented so that even if you have never done any online marketing before you can follow along and do this.

Module 1 Sections:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Laying The Foundations
  • Choosing A Profitable Product To Promote
  • Setting Up Your E-Mail List
  • Creating A Killer Follow-Up Sequence
  • Setting Up Your Squeeze Page
  • Setting Up Tracking

Six Figure Shortcut Review – Module 2

Six Figure Shortcut Review would like to point out that there are a lot of courses that basically stop where Module 1 of this course stops. Everything is set up so what’s left. Well for one thing, traffic! If you don’t have any traffic your site is useless so Six Figure Shortcut Review is happy to report that this course goes an extra mile or two in showing you how to generate qualified traffic for your website.

Module 2 Sections:

  • What Next?
  • My Most Profitable Traffic Strategy
  • Top 3 Alternative Traffic Strategies
  • Communicating With Your Audience
  • Building Bridges
  • Testing, Tweaking & Improving

Six Figure Shortcut Review – Module 3

Six Figure Shortcut Review was astounded with what is offered in Module 3. This is typically specialized training and most people develop a separate course and charge separate fees for the information in this module.  This is where you will really learn how to scale your business up to the six figure level and beyond by utilizing your expertise.

Six Figure Shortcut Review- Module 3

Six Figure Shortcut Review Saw Module 3 As A Way To Really Ramp Up Your Business

Module 3 Sections:

  • The Final Steps
  • Extending Your Funnel- Part 1
  • Getting Massive Exposure
  • Extending Your Funnel- Part 2
  • Extending Your Funnel- Part 3
  • Everything Comes Together
  • Your Six Figure Blueprint

 Six Figure Shortcut Review – What We Like

Six Figure Shortcut Review liked just about everything in this course.  You will learn that one of the secrets to growing your own six figure income is developing your own loyal following.  We especially liked the sections on first setting up your funnel and then extending your funnel.  Another hidden gem that is often overlooked is the advice on how to pick your niche or market. 

Six Figure Shortcut Review – What We Didn’t Like

As mentioned earlier the beginning of the course is presented as if you have no online marketing experience.  So Six Figure Shortcut Review really did not need to see video on how to buy a domain name or set up web hosting. Having said that we know that many people will need this level of instruction so its nice to know that it is here if you need it.  James Francis, the creator of this course warns you early on not to watch everything at once and he is right. The amount of material and information can be overwhelming. We may have preferred if he rolled this much content out over a period of time. But if you follow the course in order as he recommends you will have success.

Six Figure Shortcut Review – Overall Thoughts

Like a lot of online marketers, Six Figure Shortcut Review has known for sometime that the money is in the list.  Six Figure Shortcut is the best course we have seen for teaching you how to set up your own website and teaching you how to develop your own funnel for developing a group of followers who will be eager to buy from you over time.  This course if for every online marketer who has never developed their own list.  And it is for those who have tried building a list but have not been able to turn it into cash in their pockets.  Six Figure Shortcut Review is comfortable recommending this course to our own readers.  You won’t ever need another course like this, it is very thorough and it has generated results for many others already.

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