iVideo Course Review – Learn How To Use Your New iPhone

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iVideo Course

The iVideo Course Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone


This is our iVideo Course  Review.  If you’re looking for the official iVideo Course site, click the link below:

iVideo Course – Official Site


 iVideo Course – What It’s About

The iVideo Course is a combination of 85 videos and an illustrated guide with detailed instructions.  It includes a list of the most popular and must have apps for you iPhone. In addition, there is a nice collection of iPhone Tips and Tricks.  This is all supported with the 85 videos that show you exactly how to get the most out of your iPhone.

The iVideo Course covers all aspects of your iPhone. It starts with all the things that come pre-loaded on your iPhone including where to find them and their shortcuts.  You will learn everything about your iPhone starting with the basics like calling, messaging and how to find a lost iPhone.  You will also learn advanced things like how to share your internet connection with other devices, how to take the best videos and share them and all about things like organizers and business functions like stock indices.

iVideo Course  – What We Like

There were a lot of nice tricks we learned about our iPhone. But without a doubt our favorite part of the iVideo Course were the tips that helped almost double the battery life.  Our latest iPhone is a lot better than the earlier models but we still found the battery life a little short. The iVideo Course helped greatly extend the battery life.

iVideo Course  – What We Didn’t Like

There really wasn’t anything we didn’t like. The one exception might be that there was some much to go over that we spent even more time than usual playing with our iPhones.  There is no way to remember all the tricks and shortcuts so we will just have to go back to the videos to review as needed.

iVideo Course  – Overall Thoughts

 Getting a new iPhone is a great treat.  The iVideo Course really adds to the enjoyment of your new iPhone.  It can help learn how to get the most from your iPhone which you will probably have for at least a year or two.

Click here for the iVideo Course


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