Tablet Training Review – What Is It About?


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This is our Tablet Training Review.  If you’re looking for the official Tablet Training site, click the link below:

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Many analysts have been predicting that tablet sales will blow past PC sales.  All the evidence suggests they are correct.  People are gobbling up tablet computers like they were candy tablets!  Samsung in

Tablet Training

Tablet Training Will Help You Get The Most From Your New Tablet

their ongoing battle with Apple has a goal of doubling their tablet sales this year.  Google and other have gotten into the act with their own android tablets.  And then of course there is the reigning king of all tablets- Apple’s iPad.

However, tablets do function completely different from PC’s. So there can be a pretty steep learning curve to do some things with tablets that everyone would like to do.  As a result there is a great need for tablet training.

Tablet Training – What It’s About

Tablet Training is a very well produced course of 19 videos.  The videos cover just about every tablet training topic from basic setup to advanced customizations.

Here is a list of all 19 videos.


Setup and Initial Customization             App Searching, Purchasing & Mgt.

Camera and Photo Organization            Wallpaper

Screen Brightness                                      Spotlight

Airplane Mode                                           Bluetooth Connectivity

Speed Breakdown                                      Accessibilty

Messaging                                                   Resetting to Factory Defaults

Music                                                           Maps

Clock                                                            Sound Customization


Wi-Fi Connectivity, Hot Spot Setup and Network

Calendar Viewing, Creating and  Maintenance Contacts

Each video covers basic to advanced material for the tablet training topic.

Tablet Training – What We Like

People who know me will laugh but learning to to quickly restore factory defaults was without a doubt the most important thing about tablet training for me.  I’ve been known to tweak things and then forget what I’ve done and can’t get back to square one.  I was admittedly a little skeptical because I thought this was just for beginners but actually there is also a lot of advanced training as well.  For example, I learned quite a few shortcuts for sharing photos and other content that I didn’t know about and I’ve been sharing info for quite a while.

Tablet Training – What We Didn’t Like

There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like and I was a bit skeptical going in to this. As mentioned above there were sections that I thought would be too basic for me but I found myself going back having to hit pause and go back because I realized that I was not as good as I thought at setting up my music on the tablet.

Tablet Training – Overall Thoughts

I think everyone from basic to surprisingly advanced users will greatly enhance their tablet experience with this tablet training course.  The video presentations are great and make it easy to follow along.  I do recommend watching the videos on another computer so you can use your tablet very easily as you go along.

If you spent what I did for your iPad then the course is really worth it to learn how to get the most out of your iPad.

Click here for the Tablet Training

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